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Fuel and Tank Solutions can help your fuel savings by up to 20% due to the miles per gallon gas mileage increasing. While helping your fuel performance it is also saving you money not only due to this but due to fewer trips to the mechanic shop for tuneups. This is because Fuel and Tank Solutions helps reduce the corossion that happens from condinsation and gumming that also happens when your fuel breaks down over time.

Fuel Savings: Now we can only say that we guarantee you will see a 5% increase in fuel savings due to using our additives. And with the approximate cost of treating your fuel with our additives being around 2%, you are already increasing your savings while reducing harm to your engine and reducing emissions due to reducing carbon build-up and gumming.

Fuel Efficiency: Knowing your fuel efficiency can increase by as much as 20%, with all things optimal, wouldn't you think everyone would try Fuel and Tank Solutions. Problem is there have been too many other fuel additives that have tainted their beliefs that all are as inefficient as those they have tried. We are so sure about the superior performances we have invested in a 3rd party lab test costing us around $100,000.

Best Fuel Performance: Fuel and Tank Solutions is lab tested and proven to be the best fuel performance additive on the market.

Best Diesel Fuel Mileage: MPG fuel milage achived when using Fuel and Tank Solutions fuel additive.


Fuel Efficiency Article:

Fuel Efficiency Additives; Are They All Bunk!

Fuel Direct is in fact committed to delivering superior petrol performance with modern advances to further improve mileage, minimizing unsafe emissions, and increasing the lifespan of all gasoline and diesel engines. 
Consider Fuel and Tank Solutions Fuel enhancers to achieve cleaner air and better fuel economy.

Start out saving money the next time you fill up

Because of the costs of gasoline in addition to diesel fuel rising plus the price of repairing a motor vehicle escalating, drivers tend to be demanding verified, green trustworthy approaches to save money at the pump and increase the life span of their engines. Fuel and Tank Solutions serves as a professional grade fuel enhancer produced from a mixture of synthetic resins in addition to organic and natural compounds. Fuel and Tank Solutions operates very well for all classes of gasoline as well as diesel fuels, and most definitely has shown to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance and repair expenses, as well as reduced harmful emissions.

Proven and tested overall performance with every gas/diesel tank.

Established records as long as 1989
Provides well over $3 billion every twelve months commercially – you recognize it truly does work
and on no account has it harmed one single engine – make use of with full conviction.
100% bio-degradable – Fuel and Tank Solutions is without question risk-free regarding the environmental surroundings.
Virtually costs an individual thousands every 12 months to not utilize Fuel and Tank Solutions.

Formulated to enhance the performance of your motor vehicles.

Improves combustion to increase engine performance.
Cleaner and healthier running engine.
Lowers harmful emissions and enhance the life span of your motor.
Disperses water with respect to better performance with you engine.
Improves engine starting and helps prevent pre-ignition troubles.
Improves the stabilization, lubricity in addition to detergency of the fuel.
Keeps fuel from gelling and freezing. 

Be Green. Drive Clean.

Lowers levels of unsafe emissions
Fuel and Tank Solutions serves as a combination of lab created resins as well as natural and organic compounds
Includes no alcohol, aromatics, or naphtha
100% biodegradable
Environmentally friendly

The component of the diesel engine is without question it's own fuel injection equipment and naturally the chief enemy with this type of equipment is in fact inferior quality diesel fuel and naturally the intrinsic matter of condensation build up that every diesel engines struggle with. Our Fuel and Tank Solutions fuel additive dissipates virtually all h2o that in fact forms in your tank. There is no other fuel additive able to do the same. With just a few tank fills while operating our own diesel fuel additive can reverse build up of unclean fuel that gums your engines fuel injectors. This can enhance your engines life span while maximizing your fuel mileage by upwards of 22%. The positive aspects nicely out way the cost of our fuel additive, saving you money as well as leaving your engine cleaner with fewer trips to the mechanic.

Although the average tractor-trailer fuel mileage is around 7 to 8 miles per gallon (MPG) and may not seem to be impressive, it's actually a remarkable improvement over previous styles that in fact hardly noticed better than 2 to 3 MPG. Per 100,000 miles a rig now could go through well over 12,000 gallons of fuel. Within $4 for every gallon it without a doubt will cost merely one hauler $48,000 in fuel per each 100,000 miles. With just a 10% boost in fuel mileage your savings would be able to exceed $4,800. Heck, even at our guarantee of 5% savings your still saving almost 2k. For treating 12,000 gallons you would need to fork out about $900 in our Fuel and Tank Solutions Fuel additive. We can safely proclaim we could save you thousands every year, for every tractor-trailer. In the event that you have a fleet of trucks, you now see the bottom line financial savings.

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